English teacher | Loves nature, travelling, poetry | Studied literature | Big fan of Jane Austen novels | GmailID: nsubashini.15@gmail.com.

The voice from within

Photo by Gavin Spear on Unsplash

Stars in the sky are there to say
Enduring darkness, they just shine
Glazing sun stays very far
Greens grow and love the warmth
Moon seems to miss her charm
Recurring with pride, she proclaims
Beauty to be adored from within
Falling leaves too flutter to shout,
Gratified we are with our lives
Sturdy mountains stubbornly voice
Nothing is…

On a lonely path

Photo by Jack Skinner on Unsplash

Fading light behind the clouds,
Shaded the sky to bid goodbye
Birds fumbled deep from the woods,
Regretting on their fortunes missed
Rushing river repeated the beats
Louder and longer listing her pride
Echoing hills were humming the silence
Staying so still to go to sleep
The racing breeze was passing by
Tracing all the greens on the…

Subashini Nachimuthu

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